BFF: Dustin and Chloe


Narrator: Chloe is no ordinary girl, in fact, she’s the hottest, most beautiful, most wanted, most watched girl in school, in the neighborhood, at the groceries, at the cafeteria, and all the places she’s in. She’s got everything a girl could wish for: a good-looking boyfriend, a good-looking bestfriend, and a good-looking face. She’s having the time of her life, until one day, an awful, awful, awful tragedy struck her and her bestfriend, Dustin. From that day on, Chloe’s beautiful face and life were changed forever; everything she believed in, everything she felt will never be the same again.
Nosy classmate inquires about Chloe’s wasted looks.
Nosy classmate: What happened to Chloe? She looks like shit. Did you two breakup?
Dustin: Uhm, I don’t know she’s not talking to me.
Narrator: This is what happened to Chloe.
Rewinds three weeks back.
Chloe: So, did you ungay my brother already?
Dustin: Your brother is not gay.
Chloe: Really? How come he never touched you? I mean, you’ve been dating for almost a year now, and you’ve known each other for as long as we’ve known each other.
Dustin: Well, what can I say? Your brother is a true gentleman.
Chloe: Or maybe, he’s a true gay.
Dustin: Is this why you pushed me to go out with your brother so that I could ungay him?
Chloe: Yes. But more than that, I realized if you two got married then we wouldn’t just be bestfriends we’d be sisters.
Dustin: Now you’re talking about marriage. Seriously, Chloe (laughs), you need to slow down – no, not slow down, STOP. You need to stop.
Chloe: I can’t.
Dustin: Why not?
Chloe: You know about my dreams, you and I are gonna have this huge fight and we’d be enemies for life, I’d wake up in the middle of the night crying.
Dustin: Okay. How many times you said you’ve had this dream?
Chloe: Five times the other day.
Dustin: Five times and what two, three minutes each time? How many years have we been friends?
Chloe: We’ve been friends since we were children, at the park I asked you if you want to join tea time with my friends.
Dustin: Exactly. Do you really think that your five-time dream will destroy our lifetime friendship?
Chloe: No.
Dustin: Then stop marrying me and your brother./marrying me to your brother.
Chloe: Fine, but promise me that if my dreams came true we’ll look back to this conversation and realize that our lifetime friendship trumps my five-time dream.
Dustin: I promise. Promise me, too, that our lifetime friendship trumps everything that gets in the way.
Chloe: I promise.
Nate: Have you figured out how to tell my little sister?
Dustin: Not, yet. I’m not sure if I will ever have the courage to tell her. I’m scared for our friendship…I’m scared for myself.
Nate: Well, if you ever decided to tell her, whatever happens I want you to know that I’m here for you.
Dustin: Thank you, Nate. It means a lot.
Dustin is writing her story.
Chloe notices Dustin’s forlorn look.
Chloe: What’s wrong?
Dustin: It’s my book.
Chloe: Look, I don’t know anything about writing except for one thing I know you’re a good writer. You’re good at what you’re doing, D. And I hate to tell you this because I don’t want you getting cocky, but if it helps finish your story then I’ll just have to bear waiting in line to have your autograph.
You remember the last time you called and you thought I was crying, but I told you my eyes hurt from watching mum slice those onions? That wasn’t true, I was crying because I was reading your story that poor little girl walking to school with mismatched shoes. Mismatched slippers I can take that, but sneakers and stiletto? That’s torture. You should believe in yourself more, D.
Narrator: This is why Dustin loved her bestfriend – more than she should.
Chloe visits her boyfriend and finds him cheating on her.
Chloe tells Dustin about her boyfriend’s infidelity.
Chloe: I was gonna surprise him but I was the one who got surprised, so I threw the bouquet in his face, but he ducked so it hit the girl instead. I broke up with him.
Dustin: You should break up with him, that asshole.
Chloe: Cross out, loser.
Suitor attempts to ask Chloe out.
Suitor Hey, D, Chloe.
Chloe: Are you gonna ask me out?
Suitor Ah, yeah.
Chloe: Didn’t you hear?
Suitor: Uhm…
Chloe: I’m not interested.
Boys exits.
Dustin: That was new, saying no to a boy, especially now that you’re not in a relationship.
Chloe: I’m done with boys.
Dustin: Congratulations, you finally learned.
Chloe starts dating again.
Chloe: I cannot wait to meet tonight’s lucky guy. Not so lucky, not my type. Keep your eyes open, D.
Dustin: My eyes are open.
Ex: You’re not answering my calls.
Chloe: I changed my number. That’s my lucky guy.
Chloe walks to the lead singer and introduces herself and Dustin.
Chloe: Hi, I’m Chloe, this my bestfriend, D.
Dustin questions Chloe’s “I’m done with boys” statement.
Dustin: What are you doing, I thought you’re done with boys?
Chloe: You seriously believed when I said that?
Dustin: Yes.
Chloe: Well, I’m not.
Dustin: They’re all the same, Chlo. Why don’t you try someone else…
Chloe: That’s what I’m doing now, I’m dating this new guy.
Dustin: I mean…something else.
Chloe: (laughs) What do you mean?
Dustin: Our own kind…
Chloe: You mean…are you high? Let’s just enjoy the night.
Dustin and Nate stargazing.
Dustin: I tried telling her but she’s not hearing me.
Nate: You just have to try again.
Dustin: I will, tomorrow.
Nate: I will, tonight.
Nate kisses Dustin.
Dustin: You’re not gay?
Nate shrugs.
Dustin: But you…I thought you’re pretending to be with me because you’re not ready to come out…If you’re not gay, why would you choose to be with me, you know I’m not like other girls? You’re stuck with me.
Nate: I don’t know; I like being stuck with you.
Dustin: But why?
Nate: Maybe because I like you.
Dustin: Nate.
Nate: You don’t have to say anything. I just thought if I told you how I felt about you you’d change your mind and take a chance on me.
Dustin: You’re sweet, Nate. If only my heart has the right beat it’ll sing for you, but right now it’s still out of tune.
Nate: A tone deaf heart, that’s cute.
Dustin drives.
Dustin: I need to tell you something, Chlo.
Chloe: Tell me.
Dustin: I love you.
Chloe: Please, tell me you mean the same love that I have for you. Like a love of a sister to a sister. Please, tell me it is the same because I’ve been freaking out since last night at the bar.
Dustin: I’ve been in love with you since we were little. At the park, when you waved at me and asked me if I wanted to play with you.
Chloe: You’re joking.
Dustin stares at Chloe intently.
Chloe: Pullover.
Dustin: Just listen to me, please.
Chloe: I don’t wanna see you ever again.
Chloe gets off the car. Dustin continues to drive.
Chloe returns to Dustin’s place.
Chloe: I just came back to get my stuff.
Dustin: You may find me weird and crazy, but you should also know that I’m just a girl standing in front of another girl asking her to respect her.
Chloe bangs the door leaving Dustin crashed.
Montage of Dustin and Chloe’s friendship.
Narrator: And this brings us back to.
Rewinds to present.
Nosy Classmate: What happened to Chloe? She looks like shit.
Narrator: The before bestfriends are now best enemies.
Dustin and Chloe try to kill each other.
Nate convinces Dustin to go see his sister.
Nate: You need to see my sister she’s not looking so well.
Dustin: What do you mean?
Nate: She looks worn out. She’s not eating properly it’s as if she’s lost the will to care for herself she blames herself for what’s happened between you two which is why I’m asking you to please go see her. She needs you more than she’s ever needed you before.
Dustin: She doesn’t want to see me.
Nate: You know that’s not true.
Dustin: Fine, I’ll go see her.
Dustin receives an emergency call.
Dustin runs to rescue Chloe.
Dustin saves Chloe from the fire.
Dustin: What happened to you, Chlo?
Chloe: I’m not pretty anymore, D. I miss my bestfriend.
Dustin: Oh Chlo, I miss you too. I’m sorry. This is all my fault, I’m so sorry.
Dustin attends Chloe’s cheerleading.
Dustin (V.O.): We’re bestfriends again. I guess we never really became enemies we just didn’t know how to face the situation and the only way to understand it was to be in all these mess, apart. I’m just glad we’re back together, but what Chloe didn’t know is the one thing that made me fall for her is not her face, it’s her soul. Nope, I won’t tell her. I decided to keep it to myself I don’t want her changing her attitude like she changed her image.


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