Side A: The Writer

A writer since I learned how to write. Became a serious fiction writer since I saw The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, 2005 that was – but that’s not to say I’m a Nick Sparks fan. I love Jane Austen. I recently finished John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath and I loved it, so I guess that would put him alongside Ms. Austen as my favorites. I wasn’t a wide reader, which I deeply regret; I started reading novels really late (lots of catching up to do). Grammar is probably one of my weaknesses as a writer. If there’s one thing that’s blocking my writing it’s grammar. I get confused with tenses so I try to review the rules when I’m writing. Punctuation marks are bloody confusing too. Although, I noticed in the books that I’ve read that grammar rules (and punctuation marks) can be ignored sometimes depending on your style of writing.

Side B: The Filmmaker

An aspiring director since I was twelve after I saw everything about the movie Titanic: The making, the previews. I told myself I wanted to do exactly what Mr. Jim does. Since then I dreamed of holding a megaphone screaming ACTION! CUT! Or IT’S A WRAP! This dream solidified when I was chosen to direct the play Romeo and Juliet during high school. It felt absolutely A-MA-ZING!

This is why I decided to move in the blog neighborhood and join the community, to share my stories and films while I work on turning this dreams into hard copies.
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