No buts or maybes


‘You’re so beautiful,’ said he. The girl blushed. ‘But you’ll look more beautiful if you put on some make up.’ On their next date, the girl’s face was covered with foundation, her lips were red. ‘You have beautiful long legs but they’re hidden in those baggy pants. Maybe dresses will suit you better.’ The girl looked uneasily at her washed up Levi’s; she had always loved those pair of jeans.

The “buts and maybes” went on; they became the main subject of their conversation. ‘You have beautiful eyes but they’re hidden in those nerdy specs.’ So, the girl removed her specs. She kept them away in her pocket the whole time they were together. When they parted and she had to cross the street, she felt like she was face-to-face with death because she couldn’t discern the cars that were passing; but she refused to wear the specs since her boyfriend was waiting for her to cross. She crossed the street with little vision of the world around her. CRASH! The next time the girl opened her eyes she was at the hospital with her boyfriend by her side. ‘You reckless, girl,’ the boy teased. ‘But don’t you worry you’re still the most beautiful girlfriend in the world, especially now that you got rid of those hideous glasses of yours.’

‘Who are you? I don’t know you!’ the girl pronounced. She realized what a fool she had been and she had the boy and the accident to thank for. Now she can move on with her life with no more buts or maybes. Thank you, Amnesia!

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